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HKU O&T 60th Anniversary


A fund-raising initiative for:

HKU O&T "Get Up and Walk" Campaign


Four years ago, paraplegic rock climber Lai Chi-wai summited Lion Rock by using only his upper body strength. ​Prior to Chi-wai's car accident which rendered him paraplegic, Lion Rock used to be a place where he climbed often.  ​

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The "mission-impossible" Lion Rock climb helped Chi-wai overcome his crux, gain back his confidence, and finally allowed him to let go of the past. ​

Four years later now, Chi-wai is challenging himself again to climb a 300-meter skyscraper in the heart of Hong Kong, to help remind the people of Hong Kong never to lose faith.

The event, which is organised by Ignite Community Services, shall raise funds to support spinal cord injury patients, as well as patients with mobility issues, to “walk again” with the use of exoskeletons. ​Through this Challenge, Chi-wai also hopes to instil respect for people with disabilities and promote a more inclusive society.

ALL raised funds shall be matched by Lead Partner of this event CHINACHEM GROUP 1:1 up to

HKD$3 million. 

About Lai Chi-wai

Urban Climb 300M+ Media invitation_LaiCh

Lai Chi-wai was once the world No. 8 Rock Climber, 4-time winner of the Asian Rock Climbing Championship, and
world’s first Chinese winner of X-Games (extreme sports). In 2011, while reaching the climax of his life at the age of 28 and enjoying the glory as the best climber in Asia, Chi-wai met a devastating car accident that rendered him paraplegic.


Instead of wallowing in misery, he decided he would not allow adversity to stop him from pursuing his dream. Chi-Wai resumed his climbing coaching role and started sharing his real-life story with the public. His contribution to the society by motivating others earned him one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious awards, “Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Hong Kong” in 2014.

On the very same night five years after his accident, Chi-wai challenged himself by climbing up Lion Rock once again. He successfully summited Lion Rock purely relying on his upper body strength. That mission-impossible climb helped him overcome the biggest hurdle of his life and he gained back confidence and faith. He finally could let go of his past and move on. This incredible climb was documented in a film called “Crux”, and later turned into a Hong Kong movie, “Lion Rock”.

In 2018, the inspiring Lion Rock climb made Chi-wai the first Chinese nominee for the Laureus “Best Sporting Moment” award, competing alongside with world-class tennis players, Roger Federal and Rafael Nadal.

Since 2018 Chi-wai has been working closely with the HKU Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology to help bring new paraplegic exoskeleton training services into public hospitals, so that more patients can benefit from these technologies.

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Click below to hear the story behind Chi Wai's relationship with HKU!

The "Get Up and Walk" Campaign

The "Get up and Walk Campaign" is an HKU O&T initiative to support the recovery of spinal cord injury (SCI) patients through basic research, clinical services, rehabilitation programs, and community redevelopment projects. Through pilot programs supported by this campaign, the HKU O&T spinal cord rehabilitation team has performed Hong Kong's first 2 diaphragmatic pacemaker insertions and also conducted approximately 1000 sessions of exoskeleton training for paraplegics in Hong Kong. HKU O&T partners with Hospital Authority doctors, NGOs and charitable bodies in order to deliver services that optimise rehabilitation strategies and promote community reintegration for SCI patients in Hong Kong.

Fundraiser & Organiser of Urban Climb 300M+

Ignite Community Services

The name “Ignite” means “spark”, which signifies the wish of the cofounders to trigger the passion of others in doing what they truly love. Ignite believes everyone has passion and ambition. The cofounders hope Ignite can act as a catalyst to kindle one’s passion and motivate the beneficiary to action. Ignite believes in “Teaching someone how to fish is better than to just give him a fish". Through passing on knowledge, the change they are going to make will be more impactful and sustainable.

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